Welcome to Static Air Media!

Static Air Media (currently in beta testing) is the place that allows YOU to broadcast High Def Live Streaming audio and video at a price that beats the other low-quality audio-only sites. Static Air Media was formed by people who had been using other companies to host their own online radio and video shows. We personally dealt with many frustrations and disappointments with what is now our competitors. If you are experienced in online broadcasting with some of the other companies out there, we are sure you understand what we are talking about (click here for some of the specific differences and how Static Air Media is better). We took those experiences, learned from them, and turned them into a positive by creating Static Air Media!

Why host a show with Static Air Media?

Whether you want to share your thoughts with the world or want to get more exposure to your business or non-profit, Static Air Media is the ideal source for your needs. With Static Air Media, you have the power to produce professional quality shows, just like you see on TV. If you have a message, Static Air Media will help you get it out to the world. Some reasons to host a show with Static Air Media are:

– personal broadcasting for pleasure and/or profit
– promote a business or non-profit
– produce a school video station
– live stream any live event (meeting, church sermon, sporting event, etc)

Whether you want to do a simple online radio broadcast or a full-on-professional HD video presentation, we have you in mind. Even though we offer so much, our prices are better than those of our low quality, audio-only competitors. The possibilities, like our service, are virtually endless!

What do you get when you sign up with Static Air Media?

Your Show!
We provide a place for you to do more than just broadcast Live High Definition shows. Once you sign up for your 30 day free trial, a new website will be generated for you. On that page you will have a video player, front and center, ready for you to start getting your message out.

We recognize that is the main purpose of Static Air Media, but we want to make sure you and your listeners have the best experience possible. The world is an interactive place, so you also get a chat for you and your audience to use while you are on the air. We have found that a chat helps your audience feel as though they are part of the show, creating a sense of community that increases them to keep coming.


Another way to keep interest generated for your show is to have a blog… so you get that with your account, too! Millions of people follow what other people have to say on blogs everyday. This can be a great way to get more exposure to your show. A blog not only generates a following to people who are interested in what you have to say, it can also be used a tool to promote your show with upcoming topics and events. By the way, you can link it to your Facebook account so what you post automatically posts to Facebook!

Clean and Easy!
We wanted our subscribers to be able to be proud to present their page on Static Air Media to their audience. We have created a user-specific site that is clean of clutter and easy to use. The site is designed to be intuitive and you will NEVER see ads of the top of your page! You show and content is number one to us!

We understand that your audience has lives of their own and might not be able to catch your live broadcast. Never fear, archives are here! You can post your show in an Archive file so your audience can catch up when they get the time. You can also have your show posted automatically to your own Youtube or iTunes channel! You can be EVERYWHERE!!!

What do we mean by professional?

Do you want to produce a show that looks like something you would see on TV? Let’s say, for example, a news broadcast. You can do everything they can do with our software!

Green Screening!
icon_256For those that are not aware of what green screening is, it is one of the most commonly used techniques in special effects in the video world. By putting a neon green background behind a subject, you can then place other video in the background, making it appear they are in that environment. You can broadcast from Jupiter, or so it would seem! Big screen movies use it all the time. News broadcasts use it all the time. Now you can use it all the time!

Live Guests and On Scene Reporting!
By incorporating Skype, via computer or phone, you can have live call in guests or on-site reporting! If you have a smart phone, you just need Skype and you can use the camera for live on site video! We recommend adding a microphone to the smart phone to get the best audio quality.

Multiple Camera Feeds!
With the software we use on Static Air Media, you can have up to 16 different camera feeds all at once. You can have you, a co-host, and various guests occupying the video screen all at once. Not to mention background video. You want a news ticker? Done. Of course you have control as to all of the camera feeds position and size. These can be set up in advance so it is as simple as a click of a button in the encoder!

Play and Pause Audio and Video Files!
You can add audio or video files as another camera feed. You can play them at when you want and you can pause the audio and resume when you want. Those of our experienced broadcasters can appreciate this!


Organize Your External Media!
By utilizing Windows Media Player or iTunes, you can organize your show sound and media files. You can create your own folders to help you access the files with ease. It all stays on your computer. No need to worry about naming structures, pre-uploading files, or scrolling forever to find the one file you want to play!

This is a brief overview of what your capabilities can be with Static Air Media. We have put our own experience as show hosts together to provide you with the best platform to produce your own show, whatever that show might be, you are in control! Get started with your Free 30 day trial!!!